Tuesday, September 14, 2010 ;

Been crying for the past two days. Just now was 2 hours straight. Yet that person doesn't even care. Aku sumpah dengan nama allah, yang kau tidak akan jumpa lelaki yang macam aku masa hadapan. AMIN.


Sunday, August 29, 2010 ;

I don't know what do anymore. I will just leave it to god. Bad things might have come now. But don't worry. Good things will come too. That's what you said to me as well. Remember? What gets me really mad is when you go silent the whole day. Even though, I msged you like umpteen times. And when I get to find out that you, using your mobile phone to go online on FB, what do I feel as a human being? MAYBE YOU JUST DON'T GET IT WHEN I SAY I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH.


Friday, August 27, 2010 ;

Let's just fuck it shall we?


Tuesday, December 04, 2007 ; So...its been

So its been like 3 days ive been to town. Ive met amin just now at tampines small mc....And I came across something....
I miss you so much that Ive mistaken you as Ronald.

Ive been bored.. been to town like days...And I swear Im going to get bored of town...Unless its on the 15th. Its the usual suspects at town. Laughing like nobody's business. So theres this part where I usually sit. So when we were like talking and stuffs, we saw this guy which apparently was from my school at ITE bedok. We're not close but somehow I recognize him totally. AND then, he was like wearing a tshirt. A pink one if im not wrong. Dah gitu tak per...MAK KAU PAKAI SELUAR TAPPERED!!! DAH TAPPERED, SINGKAT PULAK TU!! APA LAGI AKU AND AMIN KETAWA MCM BUDAK GILA SIAK!!!! TKLEH ANGKAT BABE...MAK KAU I SWEAR DIA TKDER FASHION SENSE...yah allah mengucap aku sekejap.

Kinda cool rite? With the m&m and stuffs.
Mcdees Lido. The guy behind was Is...This picture was on friday.


Monday, December 03, 2007 ; hmmm

There I told you...I already planned it...please i really2 wanna go out with you...not alot of your time...just one day...Why cant i be ur fren? am i too cruel? I undastand...But hey i want to be ur fren...dont be down on the 15th pls...Im asking you to understand this...Just once...I know you dont wanna know me anymore....yes i undastand...im trying to stand strong... Cant be bcos of bz, then you cant be frens rite? You mention to me alot of times...Yes you will nvr like me yes...But hey I just wanna be frens...Am I asking too much? Whatever it is, I really hope you can really make it on the 15th. If pple arnd you hates me, just becos of what Ive sad, its all true...And if pple around you hates me so much, they shudnt have let me know you at first. Take care.


Sunday, December 02, 2007 ; As I will laugh one day hard.

I just wanna laugh, be sarcastic, Alright then im out to town. Adios


Thursday, November 29, 2007 ; Hey

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I cried and I cried.

So it's been like a week huh? Since you've broken up with me? Yet the pain still lingers dear. The pain is still around me. Somehow, I really cannot let you go. It's so hard to let you go. Seriously,you have been the deepest love I've been even though It's only 4 months. If you were to ask about what happened in this 4 months relationship, I prolly could say I remember everything. The first date and all.

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Somehow, This picture makes me cry like wonders.

Remember where you wrote me a letter saying that you're afraid of losing me. Well, maybe you got it all wrong...You left me...I've made my promise by not leaving you. I've made my promise by tolerating you attitude. Yes I did. All I could think of you is the starbucks that we chill at one fullerton. Shit, Im typing and im crying at the same time. Seriously, I've never been sad. This sad in my life.Never in my life Im feeling like this towards a lady like you.
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The smile was fake. I was never happy.
Remember how I use to rub my eyes with soap just to see you. I cried like hell on the 24th july. Cause I got to go back to camp remember? How time flies. How time seriously flies. I can't get you out of my mind mariah. Everywhere I go, It's all your face that I wanna see. I can't stop thinking about you.I will just be here waiting.... till then..


Wednesday, September 05, 2007 ; Mariah

You made me who I am nowadays. You are What You are...You explain to me the ways of love...And I love you for that. Mariah, I love you so so much.


Tuesday, July 31, 2007 ;

ergh....a bitch will always be a bitch...Boyan, what can I say? And muslim did'nt even teach you such nonsensical stuff lah bitch...Go on and screw you! You will be happy? HA! May you have the last laugh non-muslim gal! I don't even know you pray or not...So much for not being like your parents after 20.I know you won't even pray I think...You can just dream on okay? Just dream and fall dead when you are in the dream...I cant be bothered with you...And what makes me wanna look for you? why are you so THE PERASAN??? THE THICK SKIN?? You wanna go somewhere? GO AHEAD!!! I DONT EVEN CARE!!!


Friday, May 25, 2007 ; work is a hassle...

Work has been so fun lately...The environment, the crazy weirdos colleagues, The sorta like pervert jerk ass managers are oso here...so yah I love my job...haha. Ive not been updating so much. so im kinda blur to this type thingy in my sis laptop so im sorry if i crashed anyone's eyes due to reading my broken english haha..Ive met nice people nowadays...And a few more weeks to end my daily life...im going ns soon...Sorry if ive been skipping subjects like flash in justice league...like I said, Im blur to this type thingy...haha. anyways, im so lazy to elaborate one thing at a time in my blog. so i have to eventually skip from one to one topic...maybe after ive settled down with my computer, i would elaborate how things been in my life like thousand of paragraphs with fluent english...ahaha...not to the extend if course...anyways life kinda fun nowadays...and I love my 2nd mum!!! swayze...


Sunday, May 13, 2007 ; kick me in the arse and say that im not in love...

well, apparently ive been freaking buzy...trying hard to survive and still carry on with my work...Im not in myself nowadays...im going ns on the 12 june..well...just wish me luck....And im outdated of everything in the net. Example? Ive not been logging in to my msn, friendster, everythin that I have lah...I dont know how to explain...

aniways i got to go know...And i enjoy my days with my frens...and I get to meet amir and my love...but sad thing...I didnt get to go out with her...sorii im lazy to elaborate


Tuesday, March 13, 2007 ; sorry.

I just wanted to scream for fun to test this new blogskin. Excuse me.







Monday, February 19, 2007 ; The once a year..

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I dont see the point why town closed at 530 on chinese new year, Tamp mall oso...And the interchange was freaking dead too..I dont see the point siak! fucking chibye! not fair know!when its hari raya, all the malls were open...and and and malay didnt get their day off! Its like what the fuck siak! Very the racist...So can see the racism happening in singapore..And some people even claim they cant see the racism...Omg!! Its like wat? Buta kepe? And the cock thing about tampines mall is that...their golden village was oso close!!

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Not tampines mall alone I guess...It must have been every golden village or shud I say every movie place in singapore is close on chinese new year. And what pisses me off is that we malay's basically had nothing to do...EXCEPT!!!! going to east coast, or either something park-ish...(got that kind of word is it?) and yes for the straight 2 days on sat and sunday, I went to east coast...Saturday was with babi bunc...But it went kinda late...eheh around 9 then we reach? yah and after that she spent n hernight at my home from 12 to 145 I think...Am I right?

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On sunday, my mum said that aan is going to drive and take us around singapore...My first sis, Bro in law and my nephew came to my house first. And of course, I brought ahlyn along too...As you all will know, ahlyn is very lazy. So we decided to fetch her from her house instead...Two CARS SOMEMORE!! hehe Its like shes the president kene escort plak!! Didnt do much...All we do was go to east coast at around 6 plus and had our so called lunch and dinner there rite? It was bloody pack I tell you...I ordered chicken chop for ahlyn. And seafood spaghetti for mine. I ordered around 645. I get it?

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Nearly 730...tell me is that pack or not? tell me is that worth fighting for?(mcm matrix plak aku ni hehe) And the seafood spaghetti was normal..nuthing special...My mums spaghetti goreng is much more special...And Its 5 bucks for that awfully sikit seafood spaghetti!! Damn....My journey ends with a smile and the last destination was at airport around 1 plus nearly 2... And Im dead tired with laughs and foods...haha...got to go...

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Ps. Im too lazy to elaborate on what really2 happen after the east coast eating place..haha...


Saturday, February 17, 2007 ; god...

Well I didnt get to see her... at the hospital...She just bersalin...the name of the child is armanshah...very cute...saw the photos today...didnt expect that she bersalin so fast. Suddenly I was in a no mood after what Ive heard from my 3rd sister that she gets to see her..damn...Im not me now...didnt expect anything...thats all for today.. bye


Thursday, February 15, 2007 ; Man...

Man...I didnt know that school will be a pain in the ass...haha...Even tho frens are there...But still, its pain in the ass...I want school to end fast...So I can have alot of sleeps ahah...Anyway to three of you joining the butterfactory competition, Good luck!! ok I think thats all I want to update...I have no freaking idea what to update actually ahha...lame...


Sunday, February 11, 2007 ; Why...

Its sad to see that when I woke up today feeling Ive lost someone that I miss so much...Seriously...I woke up at nine today...have to to buy eggs for my mum...After that I went to my room...I was thinking...seriously and I wanna know why am I crying now typing this posts. And I wanna know why Am I crying just now...Its like you wake up to a new world suddenly..Its like your timetable has change...And yes it does...Its really sad...

Oh yah not forgetting I went to meet Dphatians yesterday...Hhaha I know its a very long time ever since I met up with them...anyway Happy bday neya, frendy,aisha,ifah!! yeah!! and tanks for inviting me!! ehhe I feel so happy yesterday...tanks guys!!! and you guys rock my life....I dont know what to do if I dont have you all. And and and I love you guys...See you guys on monday!!!


Saturday, February 10, 2007 ; ughhh

I didnt feel anything from u at all...Ever since I wanna make my comeback to you...I didnt feel the sincereness that u gave to me...YOU didnt even tell me whats wrong with me when I asked you...YOU WERE ALWAYS LIKE THAT!!! IM SICK OF IT!!!...Now its up to you...Im really loving you so much...And its sad to hear from you that u feel like u lost me...I do too...I feel like I lost you years ago...And I was upsad that day...I called you...But all you can say was you have no mood...damn...and you even have the cheek to ask the guy I hate...Damn... Its up to you...You ask me to do my job rite? I think you saw it...in front of your eyes some more...If I didnt do my job, I would not even call u that day...and ask are u okay and everything...Even tho that day u make me a lil piss on monday...And suddenly you update your blog feeling lyka rag? My fault? Rag as in? who made you feel this way? If its me then im totally sorry......


Friday, February 09, 2007 ; Damn...

I thought I can really make my mind easy by talking to you just now...Your '' I miss you too" it didnt catch my heart just now...Its like you said it without no feelings at all...And you didnt even tell what is wrong yourself to me...You just said no mood..After that you were asking me is Khai lontong there? Tell me how would you feel If you are in my shoes?

Thats why I was not in the mood after that...And I rather hang up on the "few sentences conversation" I guess you were not in the mood..Nvm...Let's have it your way now...Anything on your mind, Just rilex...


Thursday, February 08, 2007 ; Was kinda...

I was kinda I surprise I pass my shuttle run..haha like duh I took it like what? 3 times? haha..The 2.4 km run pulak mcm WTF!! 1st round I went okay...But when It came to my 3 round, gua sudah pancit liao...haha I was tired and I had something on my mind thats why. That was yesterday btw...

I woke up this morning at 645...My sis woke me up to school...Hahah terkejut sekejap...And yesterday she woke me up at 6!!! WOW! tanks sis!! I didnt do much for the past days..Its like after school go home...Or rather, lepak sorang..yes im that pathetic.

I realise Dphat is going somewhere..Good for you guys..I feel kinda lost recently...But its all good...I really hope I can come down...I wanna see everybody so badly. I wanna dance back..And please its not bcos of the performance then I wanna come back eh...Its like for a month I have never laid my hands and moves to dance!! And I wanna dance...BADLY!!

AND!! haha one of my school mates asked me to join malay dance cos she saw me at DANCEFLOOR!! haha I was like...hmmm haha I dont know what to say...But see first lah ok dear D? haha Can I come when u all perform? Can I dance? Can I learn all the steps? Can I give steps? Can I not create trouble anymore? Can I be myself when I see you all? Can I seriously feel the love of the warthm hug and kisses you all gave? Can I not be irritating? Can I be strong? Can eve not suffer anymore about love? Can izhan not be angry at me cos im delaying his earpierces? Can I see AKID in school? Can amir rest himself first? Can I have all this back? Can I come back? Can I see the wanderers? Can I see anto and fadz not breaking up with their relationships? Can I see fad with a pure smile instead of fakes? Cos he is sad and I know.

Can I break back? Can I see noor? Can I be like a gay when I come and see dphats and the wanderers? ahha...Can I see abang with his Gf being to normal? Can I see frendy being irritating with his towel? Can I salam AKID with the muthafucker thingy? Can I see neya perform? Can I see ayun and his stupid antics which I love? Can I see anto and fadz loving me back? Can I miss you all? Can I see you all buying vitasoy at 7 eleven then lepak-ing at telepark? Can I be really2 crazy with AFDZAL AND FYK? Can I take pictures with you all? Can you all not be angry at me If I had made a mistake last time? Can YOU all forgive me? Can I? Can I? Sorry If I left out someone....


Wednesday, February 07, 2007 ; Hehe

I found myself very weird sometimes...I sometimes can be irritatin or shud I say I am haha I find myself very weak and oways trynna pull myself up without or with frens help. And sometimes...My semangat is only like 2 minit semangat...hhaah get it? Oh fuck! I just remembered!!! I got napfa TOMMOROW!! Its like The big WTF siak! Obviously, Im very lazy to do napfa...But I cant cancel or just pretend to be sick or not come tommorow...Cos If i did not take it, I will be awarded with a fucking 5 months BMT FOR NS!!! So yah I think I overreacted a lil bit here. Nevermind, I got to wake up early tommorow like 6? Damn siak...And Im scared I cant wake. Cos my mum is at my sis house and left with me and my irritating sister only...LIKE AS IF SHE CAN WAKE UP AT 6!! God!!! Damn.....Okay now im stress haha...Will update again tommorow after NAPFA!!! hehe bye bye guys!!

*ps Im missing allah,my bestest fren zinky,Ahlyn,my sisters,Dphats, MY old crew,ahmin,The wanderers, I wish I have all this back....

Sob....And I did cry just now about them..Sorry to cried over small things...


Tuesday, February 06, 2007 ;

Have you all sometimes think that you wanna be successful but u are god damn lazy? Well thats pathetically me now. I've plan so many things that I wanna do after school ends on march..I really wanna take my bike and car lisence...I needed it...And I need a full time job before going to Ns...I wanna earn alot...So by the time im 30, 35 40 perhaps? Im oready having a gd life with my kids and wife...Oh rather live alone. I have oways have this in mind...I wanted to build my own house at the open sea...And live alone with only a cat...And have a car on your own...And have your own parties and invite as many friends as you want...No point talking now...Cause I know that now, I gotta work hard... I got to concerntrate on much more important things...And after school ends on march 16, I really2 wanna come back to D'phat like I use to...I really miss them...I still wanna dance you know!!! I still have my own life to live with you know!! hahakz...Give me views aite...Eh people!! I cant force you all to tag my board but hey...Please its like no use siak putting tagboard and nobody tags...Ive been like fucking desperate person asking pple to tag sak seriously...hehe...Amir and everybody!! please tag!!! im bored!!!!!!!


Monday, February 05, 2007 ; Sorry

First off, to D'phats. I have been missing for weeks. Im sorry about that. Secondly for all the big and smally mistakes of mine, please forgive me. And sorry once again. Eventho I dont know what happened 4 the past weeks, I really still wanna say sorry. And im still feeling guilty now. Anyway for wat reason I say sorry here and not face 2 face with you all? Cos Im scared and of cos aku ni ego juga. heehe. Mepek kan aku? Aku tahu? hehe. And im sorry...please if u all dphatians read it oready, please tag...please...please...IM not asking much but just a tag at my board wud be a nice thing to do...seriously....sorry And I just realise that im not fair. Im fucking unfair to you all...I thank god for this...God made me realise now...tanks allah...And im sincerely sorry to everyone...im just too afraid to come down practice once again...Im afraid... Its like im at fault gitu...But dont worry...Once im not sick and once im ok oready, and have money and have courage to face u all back, then I will come...Cos im rather bz now with new work....sorry....once again. AND HAPPY BDAY ONE MORE TIME TO NEYA!!! WOOHOO!!! love frazze


Friday, January 26, 2007 ; Quite so...

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Ok let me start this...My hands have been very itchy to update..tapi tk terupdate2 okok...Firstly im sorry to create a ruckus between you guys...Im sorry...But hey bukan pasal korang pun..pasal orang lain...So I hope in the future, Jangan lah terase ok? But seriously im very sorry...

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Anyway, good luck for the performance on the 27th you guys! I LOVE AND MISS YOU GUYS!!! I LOVE DPHATIANS!!!And im sorry for creating the ruckus...seriously...I really hope I can still hangout with you guys...dance and be crazy...But I guess I have been missing alot rite?

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and and and...I got to get this fever out of my body seriously...Cos Iv been suffering for like wat? A full week? And now wat? My throat is getting worse? This is the worst cough and throat pain ever in history sak! I get silver award for it some more...Who awarded it to me? Me lah...hehe okok lame....heheh anyway I love you all DPHATS!!


Saturday, January 20, 2007 ; Fuck

Tanks guys for not replying my msgs...Tanks alot...I msg u all very sincerely...But like wat? 2 or 3 person reply back? Im not expecting much...But think arh...Im trying the best I could to ask you all...Wats the plan and all tat...Im seriously pissed off..And im sorry for being piss about such a small thing...But try to imagine, msging like wat? 8 person? 10? and not even get a reply? except for like one or 2 persons? damn...But nvm... Anyway, I wont be coming down to dance practice anymore...I think...Cos nak step Missing In Action je...hehe well, lets see about that...I really2 wanna go my own way...I dont know why...Aiyoh I keep tinking about stupid things tau...Nvm2 must chill and learn to rilex..... Swayze, Frazze


Friday, January 12, 2007 ; Clueless...

Everything's fine now...But still alot of things do happen...I know whats the full story now...And I wanna get a job...Oh yah eh...On 21st jan I got to go for training at Fadzilah's work place...hehe she ask me whether I wanna work with her or not..So I said...Hmmm why not...

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Practice was okay just now...The same...but new moves...I LOIKES!! hehe. Theres this time where I totally got abit abusive,very rude,very menyampah muke...I dont know why...I think u guys notice ryt? I dont know lah..

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Its been three days I have not attend school...Due to malas and...sick...Im having the worst cough ever in history seh...When will school end? And when will problems end? When will I be strong?

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When can my friends be nice to me? When can Ifah heal herself? When can I be my normal self? When will amir stop having his chest pain? When will my group be clear of themselves? When will my sickness be gone? When can shazlyn not be sad? When can my life grab a hold of itself? When can I be strong?


Monday, January 08, 2007 ; Hmmmm

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I just realise that handsome, pretty guys,ladies. They get alot of attention than people that are average looking.....But its the fact..Im not trynna say im jealous...Its what I observe for all these years with beautiful friends...But beautiful face must comes with a good heart too...

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As you can see ....actress and actors....They are either pretty,handsome,or just plain funny...I dont even know why im updating about this haha. But I just wanna know...Why do they get attention? I want the answer...Can I be handsome one day? But still be myself? After Ns perhaps? Nah...

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Im grateful with what I have now...I dont wanna change anything..except for my teeth...And I got to slim down for sure...I wanna look smart... I wanna have clear skin. I wanna have straight teeth.

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Oh yah...One more thing...to those who self-proclaim that they are pretty and handsome...pls...and pls...Get A LIFE....span>


Saturday, January 06, 2007 ; Was fine...

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I was fine yesterday....Yes we did went to jurong to go swimming...Only Fadz,Amir,Anto,Me,Izhan...We had fun...not for me...For info, All the laughters I had yesterday was just a fake one...Cos I know im still alone even tho I have you all...I did laugh yes...But I dunt seem to be happy...I dont even know why...I had you all...but...its unexplainable on how im feeling now...im still lost...Im loving everyone...Is it normal for a 20 year old guy turning 21 this year to experience this type of things? I dont know....TO D'phatians, Im no hiding anything...SOrry I just have to let it out in my blog..I just feel somebody is hiding something...And im confused...If there's nobody hiding anything..Then its ok...I maybe be at the wrong block address...and and and...im not self proclaiming that my problem is the most biggest in the world...no....Im saying out everything only..Dont get it wrong..Orang kat luar lebih byk problem...ok gotta go...


Wednesday, January 03, 2007 ; let me see....

I wish I could break out of the prison that im staying in now. I wish I could be strong like izhan...He inspired me for being very2 strong for the group and been very2 strong for himself... Here's a lil Something For D'phatians... What Happen...? Are You Crying..? If You Are... Let Me Cry With You Let Me Lend You My Shoulders To Cry On. Let Me Be The One To Cool You Down Let ME Hold You Tight Treating You Rite Seriously I need to improve on my poem writing hehe. Cause I think I still suck...haha. Anyway, Let me bring this out. To you...Nur Shazlyn, My dear...Read this. Im feeling this way I feel that now, I dont have you anymore. Maybe the day that we spent with each other now is lesser. I miss you. Should I let you go? Cause I dont feel love anymore. For what I see, Im like making you cry everyday. Let me see you be happy and let me see you smile, Let me cry,let me have sorrows. I will be okay one fine day. Im loving everything about you. I really dont wanna let it go. Let's see what happen, Let's see the future.... Thats how I feel...Sorry...I have to put this no matter what...sorry Im really sorry...


Sunday, December 31, 2006 ; Hold Up...Wait A Second

I got bills to pay now...ITE final fees..148....Where to get the money? Answer : Clueless. What will happen if I dont pay? Answer : Stop school even though left around 3 months plus. I lost my job...Am searching for one...Question: Where must I start? Can somebody guide me? Im missing you...yes you... Question:How are you? I miss you alot! Im now: clueless,confused,deeply emotionly hurt, Dont know wat to do about the fees, the school, the cert that I wanted, missing you badly...Yes YOU!! And im crying silently....And Im loving D'phatS!!! I seriously need: Guidance to getting a job,Find a way to pay my school fees...I dont wanna use my mum and sister's money anymore...Im 20...I will find a way..I promise..Im strong...But everytime I want to be stronger, problems keep getting much more heavier.


; CLueLeSs

Im falling off the cliff..Can someone save me?

Can someone reach their hand out so that I can be saved?

Im crying, Will Anyone Be There?

Lending Your Shoulders? Making Me happy?

Its sad to see that you entered with moody face instead of happiness...

I understand...But Im just saying how I feel...To miss you badly,was a bad thing...Was It?

To see u in that kind of mood,brings me no mood as well...Its makes me cry in the bus...

To D'phats, I Love You ALL Alot...Dont leave me people....

I Will Cry With You All....tanks

Something Is amiss about D'phat...Wat is it?


Saturday, December 23, 2006 ; dun leave me pls

  1. You are my longest girlfren rather then the other ex's I have
  2. You met my sis and my mum
  3. You treat my sis and my mum like as if they are yours
  4. You came in with decorated lights.
  5. You, accepted my disgusting behaviour
  6. You helped me in alot of things
  7. I cant explain how much...Its unexplainable
  8. You stand up for me...
  9. You take my mp3 for me when it fall inside the big deep drain
  10. You ask me to stand up
  11. You gave me courage
  12. You gave me love
  13. You bring me smiles everywhere
  14. You introduced me to your parents
  15. You tolerated my everythings
  16. You showed me how love goes
  17. You said ENJOY YOUR LIFE!!
  18. You trust me deeply
  19. You gave me the greatest gift and that is LOVE

19 reasons on how I Love you so much....sob....


; r u leavin me?

are u? are u leaving me even tho i dunt accept it...pls dunt...Im wanting you everyday...Im wanting you in my life...Dont leave me...Pls...IM crying, IM kneeling to god...Dunt Let me lose you...I dont wanna my heart to be broken again..pls...I love u yes...and I know im not gg to do those stupid things again...U PLS...I want you!! I want YOU!! I WANT YOU....AM I shiverring? Am I trembling? Dunt leave me pls..DOnt please....PLEASE I NID YOU IN MY LIFE..........


; Leaving Me??

Its ok If you wanna leave me alone, being hurt, being in pain...I dont mind...I won't be a part of your life anymore I guess...But please READ clearly eh...

OPEN YOUR EYES...I never ask for anything okay...Serious? Final Answer?

So let me see...I wasted my One year plus with somebody that I treatly badly? The happiness, Is It Gone NOW?? FOREVER???


; YAY!!!

Sorry for not been updating, for not editing my blog....due to Ps2 keeping me company...Furthermore, people dunt even visit my blog and tag..so yah...I think im going to move on...or rather, delete it...if no one visits or tag me...so yah bye!!!


Saturday, December 16, 2006 ; Well...

Am I bothering ya life?

Did I bore you?

I swear I really love you till the end.

I dont know, I couldnt find the answers to what you're looking for.

Im confused, I dont know what am I anymore

I miss you like I have not been using the computer for thousand years.

Sometimes Im just so confused that I nearly lost my mind due to thinking abt you.

These days I have been rather down and been thinking alot for no reasons.

Im here to express, my deep floated heart to the open sea.

I dont know, Seriously I dont know.

I've been seriously,patheticly thinking too much.

Am I sick?Am I insane?

May allah fine the answers soon.


Thursday, December 14, 2006 ; Huh?

What is happening to me? What is happening to this world?? Can I ask Allah why? Am I going away soon? I dont know...Time will tell...I can see that nowadays I have been feeling very tired...As in like weak...I dont know why... I only can feel the presence...I dont know...I dont know seriously...I dont even know wat im feeling rite now...Anyway two more days to school holidays so after that im going to work extra hard to gain money yay!! YAHOO!! Its all from allah's blessings tanks...Gonna doze off soon....kk bye bye people


Wednesday, December 13, 2006 ; Yeah!!

I enjoyed my b'day with my family and shazlyn!! woohoo... k bye got some photos for u sll bye!! Goodbye 19 and hello 20 hahha tanks for wishing me happy bday and tanks to shazlyn for treating me dear..I can't explain how much I love you!! Tanks!!

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This cute tiny things hold 1gb of music...Cool huh??

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Im loving it so much...


Saturday, December 09, 2006 ; B'day??

B'day? Does'nt seems so bright for me...anyway Tanks AAN AND MAK FOR THE SERIOUSLY WONDERFULLY GIFT!! IT's SPECIAL!! TANKS!! Can I? I dunt know why u are disappointed...I dont know...And I dont know why my heart keeps saying not to go out with you on my b'day!! Cos I think u wana treat me i guess...I dunt know lah!! Im feeling nothing rite now...Im stuck! IM SPEECHLESS...Numb thinking is processing now...My fingers cant stop touching the keypad...I cant stop looking at the laptop only!! WHY???!!

Im not expecting anything on my b'day...But Im just expecting to get A HAPPY B'day Japp from my one and only bestfren...Zinky...He is going Ns tommorow on my b'day...But all I wish was to see his first msg at 1200am just now...All I get is from sumin,my fren whic Im not close at all, and my girlfren....I was happy...Tanks guys!!! Last year you forgot this year?? You forgot as well? Well...I just gotta say im going to send u off first buddy...Take care


Thursday, December 07, 2006 ; Dunt wanna know

I dunt wanna know
I dunt even know
Why Im like this
Hurting you In many ways
Im feeling weak,
Im feeling down
But that does'nt mean..

I have to hurt you
Im sorry
Im just so fucked up
Im cashless on my b'day
And im just so bored
I have no where to go
B'day sounds like Bored day instead

I wonder why I have not been eating properly
I wonder why I miss u like I have never been
I hate to see u leave just now
Without knowing a reasons
Was it me?
I think so
Im speechless
Im insane
Im going out of my brain

I thought this year of reaching 20 will be the best...but I will just see wat comes on the 9th december...Out....


; Sadly

Sadly, amir just got fired from Polo Ralph Lauren...Amir said maybe im gonna be the next to get fired...I was like wtf? They even said to us if cannot work u tell me. Then i said ok after 16th of dec, I can work like full everyday..Then they said ok...now, they are complaining that Im not up to their standard of working.

Hey hold on arh!! Im learning rite!! Nevermind Im just to lazy elaborate further It makes my heart painful talking about them. There's two other workers that are chinese part timer oso...It seems like they teach them much more then us SAK!!

Then complain we cannot do much...Come on arh!! TEACH US THINGS PLEASE ARH!!...Like I said to Andy I want to learn some more!! BUT SLOWLY ARH!!...Nevermind okay im just feeling fucked up...There's like to many things happening when im reaching 20...Bye Im so done and over with everything...Im out.


; Ydc Gone away

Ydc Gone Away with memories...Damn...All the outings, all the dance practice washed down the drain..Ydc SUCK? Eh come on arh...you all were in it too last time!! haha anyway I JUST HOPE THEY WILL READ IT!! Anyway, D'phat is up next!! Go D'phat!! Anyway don''t scatter back to us okay? just forget about dancing with u all AGAIN!! Let me bold for u guys to read okay??

AGAIN!!! so yah Go away OKAY?? gdbye ok

...Dance,work,school. Now life is just so exciting with these things ahha u all complete my life for dance,work,and school! School is getting fun, Work is getting fun, And DANCE IS GETTING FUN AS WELL!! But Im just tired only nowadays...arh who cares...My energy will replenish back tommorow so yah!! hehe...I want to sleep oready...*Yawn* okok bye...


Wednesday, December 06, 2006 ; hmmmm...



Monday, December 04, 2006 ; Guilty

3rd day at work was very guilty and very wrong for me... There was this english lady when to look around...I wasnt serving her..so yah...she gave me 2 shirt that she had tried on then i was looking where to put it back and she piss me off by saying ''Oh my god you have been standing here for so long and you don't even know where to put??'' I was like come on lady give me a break will ya? Im new here...I feel like pissing her off.... 2nd accident was when kelvin asked me whether I was eating sweets...Yes I said...He asked me ''You eat hacks is it?" Yes I said...Then he when furious and said "You leave the sweet wrappers around and all that or watever he said arh. I said " It wasnt me then it was ok oready. A few mins later, he said some more about the sweet wrappers and he said that after the part timer came to work u all make a mess... I wanted to make things clear so yah I said it wasnt me and all. Then he shouted at me. " YOU DONT ARGUE WITH ME ARH... I GOT SAY ITS YOU OR NOT?? I was like come on man I just wanted to clear things out...So fucked up day it is...There's another mistake which I do to DON...But im lazy to type...so yah...and from just now Im feeling guilty... bye...


Sunday, December 03, 2006 ; Huh?

My 16 dollars was spent over a stupid machine at century square...DONT GO THERE!! ITS ADDICTIVE!!

Anyway these are the photos of me losing to some stupid machine at centure square...Enjoy and please sob for me....sob....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Many time of losing....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Many2 many2 many times of losing...So u all can imagine how sad

is it now...to lose 16 dollars...


Friday, December 01, 2006 ; Pictures

Im just so so bored..anyway i just wanna put some pictures for today...njoy

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Thursday, November 30, 2006 ; Bored

Well, today was normal...practice as usual...Im just lazing around cos Im not joining the competition that will take place at Toa Payoh Safra...So yah I was like giving them support. Watch them dance, fool around like almost all the time hehe..I dance as well...I got new steps so I showed them just for fun lah hehe..so yah that was all about it today...Im kinda bored haha....SO yay!! tommorow im working at Sarpinos. Friday I get my pay...Saturday and Sunday I will be working at Polo Ralph Lauren full shift...wah conferm tired anyway im signing off...Anyway here are some photos taken at the dance practice while we are fooling around hehe adios

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I was abused by shazlyn...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
My Back.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Yes...In the middle of the road...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Nothing to do.. .


Wednesday, November 29, 2006 ; Great!!

Well, today was great...but yesterday much more great I start my work at Polo Ralph Lauren...It was great...Great experience...Great standing for nearly more then 8 hours hehe...and I HAD A LOT OF FUN!! hhaha...I look at the mirror, and i cudnt recognize myself...I look so smart as in...MANAGER BUSINESS SMART heheh!! Anyway, tis sat and sunday I will be working full from 9:45 to 9:30 pm...SO yah.....For D'code, if you all have performance on this sat, sorry I cant come...But ALL I CAN SAY IS DO YA BEST!! I will be attending ya performances in the future...same goes to prophat souljahz...well...so yah my day was great for yesterday and today. Today, I went to school...Came late as pernormal...then went for dance practice...I was lazing around the dance practice mostly hehe...anyway im off...


Monday, November 27, 2006 ; Hmmm....

Before I start i would like to tanks the people for tagging....for those who absurdly weird freakos who gave me stupid tags about my move sucks, then well too bad...you're just a coward to put ya link...haha ...oh yah i seriously....dunt wanna waste my precious time on you dickshit taggers so yah get a life...ok? or maybe u r just too dumb to even create a blog? learn..haha am i sarcastic? yes i think i am...so yah get a life ok? u want ten cent? I will surely email it to you.yah ohhh...u never even put ya link...so how to give? THAT SHOWS YOU R A COWARD....ahha anyway....tanks to superman for everything...so how this wed can mit me? i give u the 32 bucks aite??? and long time never mit u haha kinda miss u.hehehmy day was okay... i work as pernormal.....anyway im zooming to sleep later....hmm k lah bye...i got nothing to update oready haha k bye


Friday, November 24, 2006 ; SLEEPING



Monday, November 20, 2006 ; 1 Year!! WOOHOO!!

Babi Bunc...That's what I call her occasionally...She, call me babyboy...euuuuu so not me...well, ONE YEAR HAVE PASS!! And Its like she's the only lucky girl I have been with for one year! Cant believe it seriously!! hhe IM LUCKY TO HAVE u BABI BUNC!! I LOVE YOU AND THANKS FOR THE GIFTS!! I LOVED IT SO MUCH!! The story of today is...I went to mit her at 3pm...under her block as usually, she will always be late...but you know me...I totally understand her. Her lateness will always stay in her genes!! haha sorry just have to bring this out!! Anyway, we head to bugis first to buy my new watch hehe...cheap2 5 dollars only who dont want rite?? Then, we head to VIVO. Ants scattered, and invade the VIVO CITY FOR SURE!! not ants lah people...SERIOUSLY I FUCKED UP!! haha cos, okay one thing is...its very hard to walk,very hard to find LONG JOHN SILVER!! We nearly took about 45 minutes just to find the very cheap SKATE Long John Silver!! Why cheap SKATE?? Come on!! The Long John Silver at VIVO CITY SUCKS!! Tampines Long John Silver much more bigger!! BUILD A NEW BIGGER ONE!! USE BRAIN ARH!! ahaha im not trynna complain, but its the fact!! Anyway, after we MANAGE to find the pie hole place, we settled down, ate, chat...usually stuffs...boring hehe just kidding. We actually wanted to watch Step Up at VIVO, but, the seats will be separated...I was like....HMMMM OKAY WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO? So after that, we went town...to see whether they got vacancy for the earliest time...but did'nt manage to get it cos, the show starts at 9:15 pm...So I was like :So how you? Then she said : hmmm nvr mind arh let's head to ya house....Ok I mentioned. So, we didnt really go to my place at 7 plus...but we did go somewhere first b4 going to my house...we went heeren to take pictures...It took us around 8 to 830 to finish the process of taking NEOPRINTS?? yah...so I was like...stoned a lil bit hehe. ZOOM, then we head to take the train and head to my home at 22:15...So after a day's work spending time with each other and having 45 minutes wasted on finding the dumb pie hole place, we did really njoy our day...we laugh, we had an adventure...haha so yah...anyway I just wanna say I LOVE U LOTS!! DONT LET ME GO!!! I LOVE YOU ALOT!! HAPPY ONE YEAR BABI!! May we be together forever... peace from ja'farish....


Sunday, November 19, 2006 ; Plain

Well, did nothing today.Woke up at 1:15?? Yah i guess so...so yah...bath, eat, getting ready to go to work...haha so plain....but i work really2 hard today...I start work at 3. But, came at 4...due to lateness at home...Then, a headache broke out at my head...Painful...I thought Im going to be sick...Damn....But nope...Ate panadol...Rilex a while, then continued working...so yah...everything is fine today...so here am I now, bloghopping, reading people's blog...watching dance videos...It caught my eye...Damn...I wanna train myself to be the best dancer...the best group...I wanna achieve that...I just have to practice hard....anyway, im going to eat, then straight to london land...tommorow, a big day awaits me....


Thursday, November 16, 2006 ; 2nd Audition

Well, the second audition for dancefloor was okay i guess..but all i gotta say is....I DUNT UNDERSTAND, AND THE JUDGES SUCK SOCKS!!! haha...kkk lame...One of the judges is an aerobic instructor!! YOU DONT EVEN FIT IN CATEGORY YOU FAGGOT!!! Oh yah, my group didnt manage to get in b'cos of the dumb judges i guess...well what can i do...ahha its not that i blame the judges, but they really do give dumb comments..For example, my friend's group consists of 2 guys, one gal...The gal is of cos my fren lah....The judges said.... U DANCE LYK A GUY!!!...I was like...okay...the judges is not just faggot, dumb, but they r crazy...well, that's what i don't expect. Singapore, WAKE UP TO REALITY!!! SERIOUSLY!! So you think you can dance judges is not strict...they r okay. American Idol judges is fun...except for simon cowell. Singaporean judges in Singapore Idol SUCKS!! SO IS DANCEFLOOR JUDGES!! WAKE UP PLEASE!!!....hahaha sorry...im just being too straight forward...Singaporeans, COPIER OF ALL TIMES!! seriously!! I HATE SINGAPORE JUDGES!!!


Monday, October 23, 2006 ; Settling in??

Just settle in my new house...but this year this day. ive been sad. very sad, very depressed, very pressurize...problems getting hard to control..im sick, i feel like dying...i want to be stronger...god, pls...gave me the strength...all i can do is just pray very hard just to succeed in life and most in family...I cant talk...I cant feel...Life is gone, day by day...Joy? just a min...Sadness?? 4ever in life.

I dont know...I dont know...I really dont know...Can I run from all this? Until when?? Until when can i take it?? I have no freaking idea...Hari raya?? I seriously dont feel it at all this year...Sadness overwhelmed me too much...But im still hanging on for wats left...

New house?? Happy...but too overwhelmed by sadness..What for if u live in a new brand house, fully renovated, but ure not happy at all bcos of your family conditions? Correct? Well, all i can say now, is just...to hang on...and just wait 4 something miracle to happen.

I would like to wish selamat hari raya to all muslims out there...If u pass by my blog, and have e same or some other problems, i will be glad to help u out...adios.


Thursday, October 19, 2006 ; Gone Away...

Time is passing by, tickin tocking, GONE AWAY, feeling somethings amiss....bullet enters the brain, torturing my life...the swept away life...gone....damn, i nvr aware of it...

I tell you just to pray for me and move onYou tell me what you feel for me is too strongAnd you been cryin' up for me for so longAnd even though it's right I'm feeling so wrongAnd now you got me acting like I didn't know youI'm not gonna be around here so I cant control youBut I can only tell you what I wanna show youI'm your love but you can find someone better for you.

damn....am i crying? i dunt know...blank yupp...as for now....i just wanna rilex....my mind is still.......THINKING deeply...

tell me ya thoughts...... gone away


Wednesday, November 23, 2005 ; Here Goes...

Here goes...skool starts back...phuck siah...im gonna KILL zinky for this...HE's on holiday rite now at home...seriously..im left alone in this skool..no one to talk to...no close frens...if only i can transfer to simei I.T.E...i feel insecure...i feel very boring...im very lonely...

no one to trust, no one to laugh with...my best fren zinky, is at home and at I.T.E simei..if i cud turn back tha time, i will transfer to simei ite...and be class with zinky...seriously...i feel very lonely...

Zinky!! Ure dead!! btw guys, even though i come out TV, it doesnt mean im sombong rite now...so dunt cha all worry...sorry for tha broken english...have not been writing and updatin blog...so my english sucks...oh yah...for those LOCALS...audition for platform 6 is on 3rd december at the art house. dunt quite know the details yet...for more info...go to www.beats-society.com.sg I think thats the correct website....hahah anyway peace out...oh yah...last thing..im gonna go for tha platform 6...swayze...tanks izam for the WORD!!


Friday, July 29, 2005 ; Long Time No Post...hehehe

hello everybody!! I miss u bloggers so much. anyway, ITE was oride for me. Zinky long time nvr see u. i miss u all so much!! I got to go now see you all later aite? bye bye all i miss u all so much!!


Friday, March 11, 2005 ; Aint beefin.

Cause everytime ya'll talk bad about me,
I could just smell tha fish.
If I could just bottle up,
And let my mind be at ease.
It's like the jar that is being thrown far.
If im not talented,
I wunt be rappin.
My rhymes is nothing.
But at least I can spit.
Spit some verses to make u realise how to treasure a person.
Are u feeling nervous?
I've had.
Damn it.
Fuck it.
HA! dont worry.
I wunt be forgettin.


Saturday, March 05, 2005 ; Fake Life

hello guys, long time never hear my bed time story right?? anyway, life's been sucky for me this few weeks...i dont even know wat happen to me. Maybe I just dont know how to prioritise my life.

Im not happy with my life. God please....just once....change my life.....sorry if im too dumb and too lame today....I just dunt know wat to update. Im sorry guys....im sorry....pray for me to have a better life guys.


Thursday, February 10, 2005 ; Sheesh!

Now I know...I really know why ppl hate TYPICAL MATS AND MINAHS. The thing is they will stare at you...I mean WHAT THE FUCK?? ARE U TRYING TO GET INTO A FIGHT??Like STUPID RITE??

And then they will look u up and down. Like nvr see human b4 like that!! I know lah U MATS AND MINAHS ARE FROM OTHER PLANET...dunt need to tgk us ppl semacam arh!! SHEESH!! IM SICK OF IT OREADY!!

anyway, tmr school.. WAH!! cannot take it siak..so FAR!! must wake up early some more... nabei...so phuckin FAR! hmm I think thats abt it?? AND YAH IDA!! HAPPY B'DAY TO YOU!!


Wednesday, February 09, 2005 ; FUCK LAH!

Noizy siah...ARGH!!! takper japp...chill...chill...And yah, Im wonderin, wat if someday I die... will ppl out there cry?? So many things I think...Man...I just dunt know why this few day's. Been feelin down...feelin upsad.

why why why??? hmmm... AM I REALLY SAD?? OR AM I MAKIN UP STORIES?? IS IT? IS IT? many things come thru my mind rite now. Im confused. Im really phuckin confuse. ok tat's enuff of myself. Oh yah, sorry for not calling you just now ida. Ida im not forcing you to take haziq back.If ya can't take it anymore, just go ahead. Break with him. I think you have had enuff. I pity you alot. Rilex okay?

Im here for you. Don't cry okay? I'LL be here. but really, IM SORRY FOR NOT CALLIN YOU. Dah lama seh tak nampak kau ida. How are you? How's ya family? Now, I know that people care for me alot. My friends that is. They're sweet.

I appreciate it so much. They tag at my tag-board and said to eat medicine. I was sick last few days. And yah, they advice me alot. Thanks aite? LOVE YOU GUYS ALOT!! I dont't know lah. I have some caring frens and some are not. ok bye bye Im swayze.


Monday, February 07, 2005 ; Life Im Having

Well...Just now in the bus, I have been thinkin, the life im havin is actually difficult to control. I have a few frens...The frens Im hangin out is just so full of dullness...not dullness la...but arghhh nvm im so LAZY TO ELABORATE MUCH MORE FURTHER. The life im havin is just so plain...I just need that someone to LIGHTEN up my life...

Oh yah...bad news...maybe Im goin to NS...I didnt deferred it yet...but im goin to ask my teacher for NS deferment letter.I REALLY HOPE I CAN DEFER IT!!....I WANT TO DEFER IT!! ok ok nvm enuff of that shit JAPP!! So Chinese New Year is Near...aiyoh but who cares rite?? hehe nvm lah

gonna sleep oready...so TIRED SIAK...cannot tahan...hehe wat esle shud I update?? oh yah...A poem for YOU.

Every nite, I think of You.. Be it eatin, sleepin or everythin I do. I will keep missin ya...Caring For you... Gimme a Chance, To let me be ya Boo.


Friday, February 04, 2005 ; Im Phuckin Sick

Im phuckin sick...well...first it starts as a sore throat, then suddenly got cold...wah two symptoms oready!! Cannot TAHAN!! anymore!! Im gonna go away for a long long time tmr...hhehe no lah...I can breathe rite now...zinky I know ya gonna laugh at this.

U like it when I suffer rite?? SHIT U!! Nvm...anyway, school was okay just now...cause...It starts at 7:50 then finish at 9:30 great rite? hehe gd gd...after that...go mac with my frens..kinda bored lah...but okay only lah...im SICK!! and I HATE IT!! nvm arh...DIE SOONER BETTER... ok lah im gonna go and eat then off to bed I think bye bye.


Thursday, February 03, 2005 ; It's ok

Well, It's ok I guess. Oh yah, two news...First...I created that kinda hair oready...But have not dye yet. Second...well maybe arh I think so only.... maybe migrating...Im not sure lah. Well anyway, school's okay I guess. It's just that I have to wake up early. Take the bus 969 from tampines interchange. Then off I go... It takes half an hour...MY GOD!!! anyway, life's been sucky.

Life's been like shit...Life is different for me now...I just don't know why...Is it different? Is it zinky?? maybe not rite?? arhggggg!! dunt care lah... So sorry I have no mood to type...and basically no story to tell today...So YAH FUCK OFF.


Sunday, January 23, 2005 ; Wanna Drop That Thing

I just wanna drop that thing. That thing. Zinky you should know this....Make a guess aite?. It's been months. And now, I really think I wanna drop that thing. If you all wanna know ask me...haha. Its a no way im gonna tell u guys that easy.

Its sumthing abt....Nevermind...Just drop the subject.Anyway, platform 5 was oooooorrride I guess. Some of the crews that participated in it choke. So kinda okay I guess...Come on man...It's platform 5! Its the biggest thing in SG's hip hop culture. Like what? you all nvr practice?? opps how cruel of me...haah I choke b4 hehe but nvm ahaha okok I understand...Nervousness rite?

okok Im sorry. I really am sorry. Anyway, after that, me,zinky,nizam,shafiq,haziq went to Big mac at tamp...chill...then suddenly SAW SKUNK...HAHA FREAKY YOU!!..Then take photos and all that...I really can swear..That IM FUCKING VAIN WHEN IT COMES TO TAKING PICTURES....aahah Wat to do? I have no camera at all...except for my sis. Shit....

I really need to buy one....A DIGICAM!! I SERIOUSLY NEED ONE...SO I CAN BE VAIN...HAHA. oklah...I really need to get out of this house early...wanna help tha masjid...with stuffs...Nice rite? hehe Of COS... anyway i wanna go and bath then go out. toodles...


Thursday, January 20, 2005 ; The Hair

The hair that I have always wanted. Messy kinda hair...I just dunt know how to explain it here, It sounds so complicated. Then after that I wanna dye it. To make it sounds easy..I will say one thing. Japan. ok ok Japanese Hair...Get it? Messy kinda type...WAH SO NICE...next week wanna dye it oready....haha cannot tahan anymore,

So long eh since I've update....well....the next thing Im gonna change is this blog. Just gonna change the skin. Im so so bored of it oready. It looks so old. Shit arh....Im like so so bored now. Now, I have been wantin tat HAIR!!....Oh yah...Slamat Hari Raya Haji to all MUSLIMS!!. Went to meet aizat just now. Chill at starbucks...THEN HAHA GOT the drink...Twice oready... Caramel Frapp...WAH so puas. ahha

Chill then SAW SO SO MANY FRENS OF MINE!! MY GOD!! It's like I dunt know which one to layan. haha Sorry guys...kalau tadi tak layan. Besok gi sembahyang tak? Zinky if ya readin this...Meet me at 7:30 can?? At busstop. Medicine,Medicine,Medicine...GOSH...haha miss YOU. Ok ok. Just dream... blergh. I want TO CHANGE THIS SKIN...SO OLD AND LAME....WAT DO YOU GUYS THINK? SHUD I CHANGE? yesh yesh I should. ok ok

I think I better stop here. Wishin all MUSLIM SELAMAT HARI RAYE HAJI. Man, she's offline. So how now? that hair? hmmm Just wait lah ja'farish...terpaksa tunggu. Next week gonna go to ITE YISHUN FOR INTERVIEW...Dumb rite? SO far...Blergh nvm just go tat ITE LAH. Eating Ice cream now. So nice. ok then im out. nuff said ppl.


Thursday, January 06, 2005 ; Darkness Overwhelmed

Hai there. Anyway didnt update abt yesday. Thanks guys. Thanks for the first Caramel Frapp. Yesday just feel so fun thanks Zinky and Skunk. The best hangout day ever. Thanks anyway, Yesday I was online till 2 then went to bed...but after that decided not to sleep. Until 3:30 then I went to bed. Woke up at 5:30 cos my stomach have been acting up.

Im sick. Have been coughin for days. Man...I REALLY FEEL LIKE SHIT. DUNT ASK. Just keep quiet. Tried to sleep back, But can't sleep just keep thinkin of someone. It hurts so much.SO SO MUCH. I dream abt you....Man Was I happy. Like I said, I can't take it anymore. If can, I dunt want ppl to read abt this entry. I really DONT WANNA. IF I PUT THIS INSIDE MY BLOG, PPL WILL SAY...WAH BUDAK NI BAIK SEH.

I dont want that. I AM SINCERE. AND YOU know it rite? This is my true feelings. Im not jokin. You are the one im looking for. You know wat? Everyday, I wake up...in the morning or afternoon, I wil be like..SHE's ONLINE? nah...she's schooling. IM REALLY SORRY THAT I HAVE TO POST THIS UP. EVEN THOUGH yesday I chatted with u a while. Its ok...at least u tagged at my blog. Every little thing YOU do counts to me. Take care. Peace. Sorry I have to post this. I just wanna post I have no other intentions. I just wanna LET u know how I TRULY CARE abt YOU. sorry. may god bless you.


Wednesday, January 05, 2005 ; Blergh

Sorry I can't Go online yesday.Cos my comp so so irritatin. Anyway, Today got no plans. just chill I guess. YOU start school oready. KINDA WORRIED. TAKE CARE TAU. haizz....oh yah, yesday went sheng shiong with ma mum. Help my mum arh...kesian u know. My mum can't angkat benda berat2. So after tat Coincidence-ly I met my bestfren Zinky. hahah U FREAK u!!

After that, Met him at his house ard 5 plus. After that, went to EVSS. Weird isnt it? usually we (zinky And Me) MALAS NAK GI SEKOLAH BURUK TU. so lazy wanna see the school. BUT LUCKILY WE WENT THERE JUST TO SEE OUR FRENS!!! AND NOT MORE THEN TAT. Chill ard TM and walk ard...Went to miz. just to see THE FUCKING NICE SHOE. The price $70...woah murah rite? high cut osiris some more. CHICKEN TUl. I was like wanting that shoe for my school.

New year mah...everythin must new mah. ahha CRAP. anyway, after that, we went and take a bus at interchange. 65. then sleep...WAH SO COMFORTABLE. reached town ard 8 plus rite? oh yah. then, saw my 3 sis....hehe then I asked for money...hehe got ten bucks...ok lah. Then walked to LIDO. After tat, bought tix then go in. luckily It start at 9 plus. haha anyway, THE SHOW WAS HORRIBLY FUNNY. EXPENSIVELY CRAFTED!! NICE EFFECTS. DAMN GOOD SHOW!!....SHOULD WATCH IT TWICE...haah ok lah stop all that crap. haahh dah lama tak nampak YOU online. how are you? baik? TAKE CARE AITE? =) hehe. and yah wan!! I DIDNT STEAL YA SONG...I PUT IT FIRST ahah BLERGH!!! Gonna kill ya someday....

Lots of love From Frazze


Tuesday, January 04, 2005 ;

Have been goin out lately. haha wat to do....life is boring if u stay at home then do nuthing. So I have to explore things ard me. Yesday, went out and go to my East view. Meet hammy. Then chill inside school. Then chit chat with the old peeps from East View. Meet some teachers. AHAH But not maggie Chong. Then at 5 plus I went out of the school...Cos it was too darn boring...except for the NCC.

Then after tat call haziq. Meet Zamrin and Nizam. Zamrin: Kau nak main Cs tak?
Me:(mampui boring nyer Got choices or not?)
Me: Ok bleh arh. Tapi stengah jam je aku main Cs.
Zamrin:Tak kita main 45 minutes gitu.
Me:ok arh.
Haziq:(came with the topi that brightens up everybody's DAY)
Me: eh panggil Haziq!

Then walk to pavilion...hahah too bad...cannot play at there. Then terpaksa go to SAFRA Luckily It was $1.40 per hour...then played....8:19 then stop. Man im getting sick of CS. gimme a new GAME PLS!! Then meet my closest fren IDA....Then got some kind of a problem with her and Haziq. man. I dunt know wat to do oready. I give up I guess. Went home. But medicine not online....Sob...sob...alah...I understand oso. So nvm...u study k? if free then online. Sheesh I really HOPE TO SEE HER. Blergh!


Saturday, January 01, 2005 ;

Happy New year to everybody. Well, Well, yesday perform at the most lamest place ever. ITS AT BOON LAY....THEN GOT THAT F**C** sly....everybody concentrated on him. Not everybody lah...but just the sly fans!!....inside of sly got pig mah...thats why...ahha basket eh?

Im so so so SICK OF THEM...!! BUG OFF OKAY!!....AND YAH...SLY SINGS TAUFIK NEW SONG. I DREAM. I MEAN WHAT THE F***!! Anyway. Didnt get the crowd to be hype up...anyway...thanks to YOU. You brighten up my day so suddenly. Even though I know I wont get you...but still...you just make me so happy. Thanks again. I SAW you at Cineleisure...I WAS SO SO SO HAPPY. You wear red long sleeve t-shirt rite? wah...so gorgeous...

Anyway, happy new year to you aite? Actually got sumthin I wanna say...but...I just dunt feel rite...if I tell u this. Aiyoh just drop the subject I guess. Oh yah...After that...I went to Town with homies. then after tat SAW YOU!! WAH....*drools* then after that I went to my sis work place... After that, GOT RNB SONG. then I break... a lil only. then my sis took my pics...havoc... then, the DJ thumbs up at me...cause I made the crowd hype up at my sis workplace.

After tat got this boy challenge break..hahah of course Im better. then he starts quittin. I can break a lil....but NOT GD!! Can't believe it. Woah so FUN YESDAY. Then came home at 3 plus. THANK YOU!! YOU make me happy....THANKS OK?? THANK YOU....I SAW U YESDAY SO HAPPY.....


Thursday, December 30, 2004 ; The New Year

2004. Amazing year. Great adventures. The year where I graduated. The year I met new people. The year where sadness grows. The year where I created this blog. The year where I and G-niuz Created the Crew Prophat Souljahz. The Year I fought With Zinky...And frens back. Now Rapat as ever.

The year Im in love..with stupid ppl....haha no lah...kiddin. The year of mischief. The year of laughter. The year of happiness. The year...I like YOU. And CARED ABT YOU.But it nvr came true...haha hope it will came true. The year where natural disasters came...and destroyed thousand of houses and kill thousands of ppl. The YEAR WHERE I PERFORM...AND IM PERFORMIN TOMMOROW. AND IM PERFORMIN FOR YOU!!

The year of IDOLS, The year of hip hop fest tat sucks hard. ahah anyway, I care for alot of people this year. The year of new hip hop arises. The year...and the last month tat i know YOU... This year Is so so special. Thanks...The year that taufik was like a KING. ahha. Hope next year is much more better...Hope YOU will know how I truly treasure YOU and care so MUCH ABT YOU...The year that I start rappin. The year I found my medicine. The year I Found YOU. The year where I don't feel hari raya at all. The year I keep my goatee. And still growing.

The year that I turned 18!! The year where Graduation Party was held. There's so many. But the most unforgettable memories is at Graduation Nite. It was like so so full of sadness. The year where Me and Ma sis became like frens. The year she watches me perform LIVE at TOA PAYOH. And much much more things. The year where I was single for nine months. The year where I WILL MISS ALL OF YOU. FRENS,FAMILIES,BEST FRENS, CLOSE FREN.

Take Care. And may God Bless You.


From Frazze.


; Tsunami.

They are called...Killer Waves...or worse...Tsunami...they kill abt thousands of people in other countries. Now, Im like a reporter. But seriously, I PITY THEM ALOT. Yeah!!. I think I will help them...by sendin my clothes there (WAH BAIK SEH JA'FARISH. KATA ANGEL!!...hehehe)...cause my bro-in-law say can. Anyway, God pls...take care of my friends,bestfrens,my crew,my closest fren ida, YOU. family...but go ahead kill my teachers...ahaha nah kiddin...

Ok it's time for...dialogue time!! Me and somebody.

Somebody:ahah from Jap to sam...x2

Me:FUCK YOU! dlm hati...Dunt wanna say tat yet.

Somebody: Eh buat beat ayob.


Somebody:(Following the beat) then sing "From Jap To Sam" twice I think.

Me:Points middle Finger

Me:Stares at him.

Somebody:(Coming Towards Me)

Me:(Long STARES)

Somebody:Sorry arh...sorry arh main2 je...


Somebody:Asked for lo-5 forgive and forget.


Me: (put hand out)

I swear the god. I WAS FREAKING MAD...NOT JUST CAUSE OF THAT...CAUSE OF SOME PROBLEMS THAT I KEEP IN MIND. AND NOT TELLING PPL.SAM IS THE SHORT FORM. LONG FORM IS SAMPAH. FUCKER TUL!!! Anyway, Im so so damn tired. The reheasal was okay...but the stage outside was like so so small...30 thousand MY FOOT...but can lah.anyway, IF ya wanna help this ppl at phuket...pls tag...i oso wanna help....and IDA MY CLOSEST FREN...CANCEL THE CHALET PLS....NOW IM GETTIN SCARED. it has reached AFRIKA...WAT IF IT REACH SINGAPORE...I HOPE IT WONT. *TOUCHWOOD* ANYWAY, tomorrow practise then go to changi I think. WAH!! I CARE ABT PPL....BUT MYSELF...I DUNT CARE...NVM...I DUNT CARE ABT LIFE ANYWAY...hhaha SIAO!! oklah gonna go I think bye bye!!